Tacen Exchange Open Alpha

Tacen is thrilled to announce the launch of our open Alpha for Tacen Exchange - a hybrid decentralized exchange that gives custody back to the users. The Open Alpha for Tacen Exchange is now open to the public.
We are focused on building real-world solutions for real-world problems; the recent catastrophic failures of centralized exchanges have galvanized our belief in the need for a novel exchange solution and inspired us to double down on our efforts. Tacen Exchange is built to be the safest, most capable trading experience imaginable for our users. The launch of the Open Alpha version of the Tacen Exchange is the culmination of years of work and we are excited to share it with you.
The purpose of our Open Alpha is to let users get familiar with the exchange platform we have worked on. Our product is still in the early stages of production, and we want to get as much helpful feedback as possible. Users are able to deposit funds to a personal asset custody contract (ACC), trade on one Goerli testnet pair, request settlement from a decentralized network of Settlement Data Providers, and withdraw their funds back to their wallet from their ACC. We encourage users to push the exchange to its limits and report feedback using the intercom icon in the bottom left corner. Please keep in mind that you are still very early to the party and the exchange will have plenty to be improved upon.
We thank you for your help in bringing in the next chapter of crypto exchange!